How do I find my document?


How to find your document on Android

Your documents save in MobiDrive by default. Sign in to access your MobiDrive-stored files. 

Access existing files:

1. Open OfficeSuite and tap 'Open' in the sidebar menu on the left.

2. A navigation window appears asking you to choose from the available locations: internal memory, SD card, cloud accounts, FTP, Local network. You will find your files in the folder they were saved in.

Some tips: 

  • Open File Commander, tap the Documents tile on Home. 

  • Local files are usually kept in Internal memory > Documents, unless you had specified a different path.

  • Downloads are usually found in Internal memory > Download folder.

Note that OfficeSuite does not contain or backup your files. To access files stored in a different device, you either have to upload the files to MobiDrive, share, or transfer them using any of the available file sharing options.