Context menu in Documents

The   Contextual menu provides additional options for the Document Editor:

Save – Saves any changes you have made to the document.
Save As – Saves any changes you have made to the document, but gives you the option to change the file type or name of the file.
Convert to PDF – Converts the file to PDF.
Print – Prints the document. Options include:
  • Printer – Select which printer to use.
  • Copies – Choose the number of copies.
  • Range – Select which parts of the document to print.
Share – Allows you to share the document. You can choose to Email it, Zip & Email it, as well as to Open it in Another App.
Protect – Set a user-generated password. Please note that document passwords are not recoverable. To remove a document password, simply select the Protect option again.
Settings – Includes further options for managing the file.
  • User Information – Includes the author's name and initials.
  • Autocorrect – Toggles the autocorrect feature.
  • Spell Check – Includes options to turn the spell check on or off. Select which language it corrects, and see the list of learned words.
  • Units – Select your preferred unit of length. Includes inches, centimeters, millimeters, and points.
  • Reset Defaults – Restores the settings to their default state.
Help – Opens help documentation.
About – Displays the app version number, useful links, and the third-party libraries used in OfficeSuite. From here, you can also apply to become an OfficeSuite Beta tester.


OfficeSuite's Document Editor includes an integrated Page Finder that is accessed by swiping inward from the left edge of the screen. It displays a page sidebar that lets you quickly jump to a relevant page in your document.

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