Format tab in Documents

The Format tab is a quick way to adjust the formatting of the various elements of your document. The most common formatting options from the Document Editor are gathered here for easier access.

Font – Adjusts font faces, styles, sizes, effects, colors, and highlights.
Paragraph – Adjusts line and paragraph alignment, as well as indentation and spacing between lines.
Table – Provides options for selecting a new table style from a predefined list, as well as additional table customizations.
Page Setup – Provides customizable page layout, orientation ( portrait or  landscape), and margin options. You can adjust the page size for printing, including a large number of predefined page templates. Measurement units (inches, centimeters, points, etc.) can be set under the  Settings option in the  Contextual menu.
Select All – Selects all of the elements in the document, including text, images, and tables.
Bullets – Inserts a bulleted list with a selection of bullet styles.
Numbering – Inserts an ordered list sorted by numbers, letters, roman numerals, etc.
Multilevel List – Inserts a multilevel or tiered list.
Line Spacing – Allows you to adjust the spacing between lines.

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