Paragraph menu in Documents

The Paragraph section contains a wide range of adjustments that can be made to how text is grouped.

Bullet Library– Creates a list with a variety of bullet styles.

Number Formats Library – Creates a list with a variety of number styles.

Multilevel List – Creates a multilevel or tiered list.

Decrease Indent – Shifts text entries to the left.

Increase Indent – Shifts text entries to the right.

Show Formatting – Shows/hides paragraph, indentation, and spacing symbols for advanced formatting control.

Align Text Left – Aligns text against the left margin.

Center Text – Centers text between both margins.

Align Text Right – Aligns text against the right margin.

Justify Text – Distributes text evenly between both margins.

Line Spacing – Determines the amount of spacing between lines in your text.

Table borders – Adjusts table borders (when a table is selected).

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