Font menu in Documents

The Font section is where you'll find the standard range of tools for adjusting font sizes, colors, and styles; formatting options for paragraphs and headings; and more.


Font Families – Opens the font menu, which lists your available OfficeSuite fonts in their respective typeface.


Font Size – Adjusts font size from a predefined or custom value.

Decrease Font – Decreases the currently selected text by one font point.

Increase Font – Increases the currently selected text by one font point.

Change case – Quickly makes the text all uppercase, lowercase or a combination of the two.

Clear Formatting – Removes all formatting from the currently highlighted text.

Bold – Emboldens text.

Italics – Italicizes text.

Underline – Underlines text.

Strikethrough – Adds a strikethrough effect to text.

Subscript – Writes text as subscript, or lower than the text around it.

Superscript – Writes text as superscript, or higher than the text around it.

Font Color – Specifies the text color.

Highlight Color – Specifies the highlight color.


Right-clicking on text provides additional customizations:

  • Font popup menu – Quick access to many of the common formatting options from the Font section.

  • Cut – Cuts the selected text.

  • Copy – Copies the selected text.

  • Paste – Pastes the selected copied or cut text. Allows additional paste options as Use Theme Formatting/Merge Formatting/Picture/Keep Text Only, and special Paste Features

  • Font... – Opens the Font dialog, which dynamically previews your font customizations. Font customizations are covered in detail in the Font section above.

  • Paragraph... – Opens the Paragraph dialog, which allows you to change alignment, indentation, and spacing of groups of text.

  • Page Setup... – Opens the Page Setup dialog, from where you can select from predefined page and margin sizes. You can change from the default Inch units of measurement from the Settings section of the Main OfficeSuite Menu.

  • Link... – Adds a hyperlink to any selected text. You can choose between a web addressemail address, or bookmark within the document by using the corresponding tabs at the top of the dialog.

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