Sign a PDF


Sign a PDF on Windows

  1. Open a PDF in OfficeSuite PDF.

  2. In the Fill and Sign tab, select Sign

  3. Select an existing signature, or 
    select one of the 3 options: Draw, Type, or Image:
  • Draw. Draw your signature with a trackpad or mouse.

  • Type. Type in your signature. 
    Note you can change the font. 

  • Image. Upload an image of your handwritten signature.

Once you have created a signature (or initials), use the mouse to move your signature into position on the page.

Optionally, drag a corner handle to resize the signature inside your PDF file.


Sign a PDF on Android

1. Open a PDF in OfficeSuite and tap Edit mode.

2. Switch to the Sign tab.

3. Tap Quick Sign.

4. In the expandable bottom sheet, you’ll see your saved signatures (if any). Select an existing signature, or tap New or Add new signature to create new signatures.