How to enable debug logging in OfficeSuite?


How to enable debug logging in OfficeSuite Android?

As the world grows more digital, the importance of smooth software operations becomes paramount. OfficeSuite Android, developed by MobiSystems, is designed to optimize your office tasks on the go. But like all software, there can be times when issues arise.

To ensure that we continue offering a seamless experience, we've incorporated a feature that allows users to send us logs directly from their devices. These logs are instrumental in helping us diagnose and rectify problems faster. This article will guide you through the process of enabling debug logging and sending us those crucial logs.


1. Open OfficeSuite


annotely_image (28).jpeg


2. Tap "Home"


annotely_image (29).jpeg


3. Tap "Help & Feedback"


annotely_image (30).jpeg


4. Tap "Enable debugging"


annotely_image (31).jpeg


5. Tap "Yes, enable"


annotely_image (32).jpeg


* The app will be automatically closed.


6. Open OfficeSuite


annotely_image (28).jpeg


7. Tap "Home"


annotely_image (29).jpeg


8. Tap "Help & Feedback"


annotely_image (30).jpeg


9. Tap "Download logs"


annotely_image (33).jpeg


10. Tap "OK, download"


annotely_image (34).jpeg


11. Select the location where the file to be saved and tap "SAVE"


annotely_image (39).jpeg


12. A pop-up message will appear that the file is downloaded


annotely_image (38).jpeg


After you have secured the log file, please send it to us for analysis. This will greatly aid our team at MobiSystems in delving deeper into any issue you're facing and expediting a resolution. We value your trust in our product and are committed to ensuring that OfficeSuite Android remains a reliable tool for all your office needs.



The log files will allow us to triage and reproduce an issue quickly (the feature is available from version 13.31567 and above).

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