Activate your OfficeSuite license on MacOS


Activate your already purchased OfficeSuite license on MacOS as well

If you have purchased a cross-platform OfficeSuite license, such as Personal or Family, you can use OfficeSuite on your Mac at no additional charge. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate your OfficeSuite license on your macOS.

1.Open OfficeSuite Documents or Sheets and click on the “Account” option
2.Click on “Sign In
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3.Sign in using the same credentials you used when purchasing OfficeSuite. This could be your e-mail address, Google or Facebook account, or Apple ID.
MicrosoftTeams-image (20).png
4.Click on “Sign In
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You now have the privilege of utilizing a comprehensive suite of premium features within OfficeSuite, designed exclusively to enrich your productivity experience on your Mac device.