Auto-Save on Windows

The ability to automatically save your work as you progress is a vital feature that ensures you never lose your precious data. The OfficeSuite Documents App offers an Auto-Save feature that works seamlessly with MobiDrive to provide a secure and uninterrupted workflow. This guide will walk you through the steps to activate and use this feature. 
1.Open OfficeSuite Documents App
annotely_image (21).jpeg
2.Tap the toggle Auto-Save to set it to "On" position
*Ensure that you have an active internet connection, as you'll be saving the document to MobiDrive. The Auto-Save feature is exclusively available for files saved in MobiDrive. 
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3.Tap to edit the name of the file
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4.The location where the file will be saved is shown
annotely_image (24).jpeg
5. Tap "Save" in order the file to be saved in MobiDrive
annotely_image (25).jpeg
6.The Auto-Save feature is now switched on
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The Auto-Save feature in OfficeSuite Documents App is a powerful tool that guarantees the safety of your work. By automatically saving changes to your document on MobiDrive, you can work with peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure. Always remember to keep the Auto-Save toggle on for essential files and enjoy a stress-free editing experience.