How to use Slide Master in OfficeSuite Slides

Slide master is a handy way to customize the font, logo, or background picture of all your slides in one go and save yourself time.

If you want to know how to make one, go ahead and watch our handy video guide, right here.


If you prefer text, here are the steps covered in the video.


1. Create a blank document.

2. Select Edit Slide Master from the ribbon to see all of its associated layouts.

Layouts are predesigned formats with placeholder text and images. Each slide in your presentation is based on a layout and you have a range of different ones to choose from.

The slide master relies on layouts to help you create beautiful presentations. You can modify each layout master, or work with the slide master on top. Changes to the slide master will be applied to all layouts, while changes to layout masters affect only slides with that specific layout.


3. While in the master layout, select your font, and add a background picture. Now all layouts will use the same font and picture.


4. For the content slides, you’ll want a slightly different look, so go ahead and pick the content layout, and add another background picture with a transition.

If you’re working with multiple slide masters, it’s a good idea to go back to the Master view, and select 'Preserve Master slide.'


5.We’re all set! Close Master view and start building your presentation.

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