How to use the layout tab in Sheets for Android


Once you’ve finished the first parts of your spreadsheet work, you’ll need to tweak the layout to make it easier to read, or to prepare it for printing or PDF conversion.


Here's how to do it 


1. Open your spreadsheet file

2. Select ‘Edit’ at the bottom of your screen.

3. Click the ‘Home’ button found at the top



4. Select 'Layout' from the dropdown menu.



5. You'll then be given the following options:




  • Normal Margins
  • Wide Margins
  • Narrow Margins
  • Custom
  • Horizontally - Center the content(data/table) horizontally on the page
  • Vertically - Center the content(date/table) vertically on the page

Note: Both the ‘Vertically’ and ‘Horizontally’’ options can be selected at the same time


  • Portrait
  • Landscape


  • Page Width
  • Page Height
  • All available page sizes that offered in OfficeSuite for Windows and iOS


  • Fit
      • Automatic (No Fit)
        Fit Sheet on One Page - By scaling the worksheet for printing, the user can make his data fit to one page.
      • Fit All Columns on One Page - It is very common for printed Excel spreadsheets to have a column or two of data that spills over onto extra pages. This option offers a way to fit all of the columns on one page.
      • Fit All Rows on One Page - This option offers a way to fit all of the rows on one page.
      • Fit Sheet on - Pages Width - Pages Height
  • Scale  - From a minimum of 10% through to 400%.
  • Adjust to 100%
  • Right to left sheet - same functionality as in Windows and iOS, i.e. outlook of the sheet is shifted to right to left

All settings above refer to the current sheet. The user can apply different properties to each sheet.


All of the above can also be accessed from the 'File' selection in the main dropdown


1. Click ‘Home’ again and navigate to ‘File



2. Select ‘Print’.

3. Select ‘Print Settings’ found at the top of your screen.



 4. Choose your preferred options that appear at the bottom of your screen.





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