Manage your subscription through Google Play Store

If your OfficeSuite subscription was made through the Play Store you can now see your subscription details on the Play Store via the Manage Subscriptions button in the OfficeSuite app’s Settings.

Here's how:

1. Open the OfficeSuite app.
2. Tap the Main Menu icon.

3. Make sure you are signed in with your account that has an active subscription.
4. Tap Settings.

5. Tap Manage subscriptions.


You will be taken to the Google Play Store's Subscriptions page. If you don't see your subscription it might be because you are signed in to the Play Store with another account. To switch accounts do the following: 

1. Tap the arrow to go back. This will take you to the Play Store main page.

annotely_image (12).jpeg

2. Tap the icon with your profile picture.

annotely_image (11).jpeg

3. Tap the drop down arrow next to your current account and you will see all the other accounts you have added on your device.

annotely_image (9).jpeg

4. Pick the account you used to subscribe to OfficeSuite.

annotely_image (10).jpeg

5. Go back to the OfficeSuite app and tap on Manage subscriptions again and you will see your subscription details in the Play Store.

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