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All keyboards are equipped to perform shortcuts in Windows icon_Windows.png
Here’s a round-up of the ones you can use in OfficeSuite. 

Keys Action
Ctrl+G Group
Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink
F5 Start Slide Show
Shift+F5 Start From Current
Ctr+Tab  Tab Forward
Ctr+Home  Move To Document Start
Ctr+End  Move To Document End
Ctrl+Shift+. Font Increase Common
Ctrl+Shift+, Font Decrease Common
Ctr+] Font Increase Common
Ctr+[ Font Decrease Common
Ctr++ Toggle Subscript Common
Ctrl+Shift++ Toggle Superscript Common
Ctrl+Shift+M  Paragraph Decrease Indent Common
Ctr+M  Paragraph Increase Indent Common
Ctr+L  Align Left
Ctr+E  Align Center
Ctr+R  Align Right
Ctr+J  Align Justified
Ctr+Y  Redo
Ctr+Y  Redo Repeat
Ctrl+Shift+T  Change Theme Side Bar
Left keyboard arrow Previous Action
Space Next Action
PageDown Next Action
Down Next Action
PageUp Previous Action
Up Previous Action

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