What's New in OfficeSuite Windows Release 7.0


Release 7.9

OfficeSuite 7.90.52854 (x64), 7.90.52853 (x32)
Sign in to edit on Microsoft Store - Users can access the freemium version (basic editing) on Microsoft Store if they sign in.
Documents, Sheets and Mail: Improvements in vertical text and RTL and Asian languages


Release 7.7

OfficeSuite for Windows 7.70.51991 (x64), 7.70.51990 (x32)

Sheets: We now support external references for formulas, as well as functionality to easily fix files with broken formulas.


Release 7.5

OfficeSuite for Windows 7.50.51215 (x64), 7.50.51214 (x32) 

Improvements and bugfixing in Sheets: Paste rich text from web.


Release 7.4

OfficeSuite for Windows 7.40.50971 (x64), 7.40.50970 (x32)

Paragraph borders in Documents: Add visual interest by applying borders to paragraphs.
GA4 events: New events for update, activate and login.


Release 7.3

OfficeSuite 7.30.50691 (x64), 7.30.50690 (x32)

Direct text selection in Documents: an easier way to work with text in shapes.
PST import v.1 in Mail, allowing users to migrate their contacts from Outlook to OfficeSuite Mail.


Release 7.2


  • AutoSave - Switch AutoSave on to save each change to your document automatically.


  • Multiple formatting in one cell - Use different text formatting options in the same cell.

  • Group dates in Pivot tables - Group dates by year, quarter or month to summarize results in pivot tables.

  • AutoFit Rows and Columns - Columns and rows will resize automatically to fit cell content.


Release 7.1


  • Integration with Grammarly in Documents.


  • Improved performance for files with a lot of formulas in Sheets.


Release 7.0


  • Advanced templates - Four new Premium templates

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