What's New in OfficeSuite Android Release 14.0

Release 14.4


Implemented a new formula "=Weeknum" & ISOWEEKNUM to the Sheets module.


Release 14.1

Enhanced visualization and editing in Asian languages: We now support visualization and editing of documents using traditional vertical writing systems in Asian languages.


Release 14.0

Android 14 - OfficeSuite is now targeting Android 14. This is an important step not only for the Free version but also for our custom version partners.

Synchronize files across platforms - Your recent and favorite files will automatically sync across all devices logged into your MobiSystems account

Contact support - [Bug fix] Support tickets can now also be submitted through Help & Feedback > Help > Contact Support.

What's new - The "What's New" section of OSANDR has been migrated to the new MS-Web-Pages system.

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