Will OfficeSuite be the same on Windows PC and Mac?

OfficeSuite is compatible with Windows 10 or later, iOS 15.0 or later, macOS Monterey or later, and Android 7.0 Nougat or later.


However, OfficeSuite for macOS is not exactly the same as OfficeSuite for Windows, which is a more mature product. OfficeSuite for Mac will be growing as more modules and featuers are added in future version.

OfficeSuite for Mac

OfficeSuite for macOS was launched in late 2023 with two primary modules: Documents and Sheets. The features within these two modules are slightly reduced as well, but with ongoing work will soon reach parity with the Windows version.

OfficeSuite for Windows

In comparison, OfficeSuite for Windows has been in development for a longer time and now encompasses five modules: Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF, and Mail. It is the goal of the team to bring these to Mac in the near future.

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