Add header, footer, page number in Documents

Work with header and footer 

A header or footer can contain text, page number, or information about the document. You can create one header or footer for the entire document, or have different ones for the first page, or odd and even pages. 

On the Insert tab, select what you want to add:

  • Header - add or change text for the header. 
  • Footer - add or change text for the footer. 

Insert page numbers

1. On the Insert tab, swipe the toolbar to reveal more options.

2. Tap Page number.

3. Choose the location and style you want.

4. Tap OK.

If you want the numbering to start with 1 on the second page,

1. Tap Page number in the main ribbon. 

2. Set Starting page to 0 and uncheck Continue from previous section

4. Tap Done

5. Double-tap the Header/Footer area containing the page number. 

6. Tap First Page.

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