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How to Request a Refund for OfficeSuite Purchased on the App Store 

1. Refund through

Apple handles refunds for apps purchased through their App Store, so you won't need to contact us directly. Here's how to request a refund for OfficeSuite on the App Store:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Tap or click "I'd like to," then choose "Request a refund."
  • Select the reason you want a refund. Common reasons include "Accidental purchase" or "Doesn't work as advertised."
  • Choose "OfficeSuite" from the list of apps.
  • Review the information and submit your request.


Additional Considerations

  • Apple is more likely to grant refunds for recent purchases within 14 days of the purchase date.
  • You can only submit one refund request per purchase.
  • If your request is denied, you can appeal the decision.
  • It might take up to 48 hours for Apple to process your request.


Before requesting a refund:

  • If you're experiencing technical issues with OfficeSuite, explain them in detail to both Apple and to us - and we can offer troubleshooting solutions or alternative options beyond a refund.
  • If your purchase decision was misled by inaccurate app descriptions or features, highlight that in your communication with both parties.

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