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How to Request a Refund for OfficeSuite from the Google Play Store


1. Eligibility

  • Within 48 hours of purchase: Google Play automatically allows refunds for apps and in-app purchases within 48 hours of purchase, no questions asked.
  • Beyond 48 hours: Google Play's refund policy becomes more flexible depending on the specific situation. However, it's not guaranteed.


2. Steps to follow 

  • Go to, and log in to your Google account.
  • Find OfficeSuite and click on ‘Payments & subscriptions > Order history’. Locate the specific OfficeSuite purchase you want to refund.
  • Request a refund: Click on ‘Report a problem’ for the purchase.
  • Explain your reason: Choose the option that best describes your situation and explain why you want a refund. Be specific and honest.
  • Submit your request: Once you've selected an option and explained your reason, click Submit.
  • Mention if you encountered any technical issues with the app that prevented you from using it as intended.
  • If you're requesting a refund beyond 48 hours, highlight any misleading information in the app description or features that influenced your purchase decision.
  • If you subscribed to OfficeSuite, remember to cancel the subscription within the app or from your Google Play account to avoid future charges.

Before requesting a refund:

  • If you're experiencing technical issues with OfficeSuite, explain them in detail to both Google Play and to us - and we can offer troubleshooting solutions or alternative options beyond a refund.
  • If your purchase decision was misled by inaccurate app descriptions or features, highlight that in your communication with both parties.

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