How to Request a Refund for OfficeSuite from Amazon


1. Eligibility

If you are not satisfied with our Service, you can request a refund within 30 days as of its activation date ("30-Day Money-Back Guarantee") under the below conditions:

  • Plans purchased outside of the MobiSystems, PDF Extra, MobiDrive, or OfficeSuite sites, including, but not limited to, third parties` stores (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, etc.), marketplaces, affiliates, resellers, or partners, do not qualify for the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • If you have bought our Service outside of the MobiSystems or OfficeSuite sites, please liaise with the marketplace where the purchase is made and ask about their return policy.


2. Check Amazon Return Policy

Amazon has its own refund policy for apps and in-app purchases. It generally follows a within 48 hours after purchase timeline for automatic refunds. Check their policy details here:

If you are within the 48-hour window, follow the steps outlined in the Amazon Policy:



Before requesting a refund:

  • If you're experiencing technical issues with OfficeSuite, explain them in detail to both Amazon and to us - and we can offer troubleshooting solutions or alternative options beyond a refund.
  • If your purchase decision was misled by inaccurate app descriptions or features, highlight that in your communication with both parties.

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