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Cancel an OfficeSuite subscription you bought from 


How to cancel an OfficeSuite subscription you bought from OfficeSuite website


Important: Keep in mind that if you want to cancel or turn off recurring billing for a subscription, you need to have a MobiSystems account connected with your license. 

1. Open an OfficeSuite App and click Account Menu.

2. Click Manage Account.

Note: If you are signed out of your account, after clicking Account menu, make sure you log in with the email address you used when purchasing your subscription or starting your trial.

3. Under Subscription & Purchases, click the subscription/trial you want to cancel.

4. Click Cancel Trial/Subscription.

Note: If you still do not see the Cancel button, check your subscription's origin. We do not handle billing for subscriptions that you purchased from other stores. See more info below.

5. Confirm your choice.


6. You can also access the above steps to log in by visiting, and clicking on the top-right account icon.





7. You can also visit to access your account area.

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