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How to cancel a subscription for OfficeSuite purchased through the Microsoft App Store:


Before you begin:

  • This guide applies only to subscriptions purchased through the Microsoft App Store.

  • Cancelling the subscription will stop future charges, but will not provide refunds for unused portions.

  • If you purchased the subscription directly from the OfficeSuite website or another platform, follow the specific cancellation instructions pertaining to that platform.


1. Access the Services & Subscriptions Page:

On your Windows device: Start the Microsoft Store app, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, and select Account Settings. Then go to Services & subscriptions.

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2. Identify Your Subscription:

  • Ensure this subscription wasn't purchased directly from the OfficeSuite website or another platform (like Google Play or the App Store).

  • This page displays all active subscriptions associated with your Microsoft account.

  • Look for your OfficeSuite subscription and select it.


3. Check for Automatic Expiration:

If you see Turn on recurring billing instead of Manage it means your subscription is already set to expire automatically on the displayed date. You don't need to take any further action to cancel it. You can continue using OfficeSuite until the expiry date.

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4. Proceed with Cancellation:

If you see Manage click on it. This opens the OfficeSuite subscription details page.

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Find the Cancel button (it might say Upgrade or Cancel depending on the subscription).

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Follow the on-page instructions to complete the cancellation process. They may involve confirming your decision or choosing a reason for cancellation.

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