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Home tab in Slides iOS

The Home tab is where you'll find the standard range of tools for adjusting font sizes, colors, and styles; formatting options for paragraphs and headings; and more.

New Slide – Adds a new slide to the presentation, and lets you choose from a selection of preset layouts.
 Arial Font Families – Opens the font menu, which lists your available OfficeSuite fonts in their relevant style.
  12 Font Size – Adjusts font size, in pixels. Can be incremented by using the - and + buttons, or to a predefined value by tapping on the number.
Bold – Embolden text.
Italics – Italicize text.
Underline – Underline text.
Strikethrough – Add a strikethrough effect to text.
Text Effects – Features a number of effects you can insert into text, these include
Subscript – Write text as subscript, or lower than the text around it.
Superscript – Write text as superscript, or higher than the text around it.
Clear Formatting – Remove all formatting from a text selection.
Font Color – Specify the text color.
Ordered List – Displays the ordered list menu, where you can choose from a variety of ways to order lists (letters, numbers, roman numerals, etc.).
Bulleted List – Creates a list with a variety of bullet styles.
Indent Right – Shifts text entries to the right.
Indent Left – Shifts text entries to the left.
Indentation – Fine-tune the indentation of the data selection.
Align Left – Aligns text against the left margin.
Align Center – Centers text between both margins.
Align Right – Aligns text against the right margin.
Justify – Distributes text evenly between both margins.
Paste – Place cut or copied elements in your document.
Cut – Cut elements from one location, and move them to another via paste.
Copy – Copy elements from one location to another via paste.
Paste Format – Saves any formatting done to copied data when pasting.
Copy Format – Copies data along with any formatting it might have.
Multi Selection – Select numerous elements from the slide.
Shape – Inserts a predefined line or shape, which can be used as separators or text boxes.
Find – Will search for instances of text entered in the Search field. Browsing between search results is done with the Back and Forth arrows. The  Gear icon provides options to:
  • Match Case such as capitalized or all lowercase letters.
  • Match Whole Words will filter out results that have the searched text as a part of a larger word.

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