Insert tab in Slides

Insert tab in Slides Android

The Insert tab is used for placing a wide range of visual additions to your spreadsheets, such as graphics and shapes.

New Slide – Adds a new slide to the presentation, and lets you choose from a selection of preset layouts.
Table – Inserts a table that can be resized using the resize anchors. You can specify the number of rows and columns by dragging across the creation grid. Once a table is inserted, you can modify it under Table tab by tapping on it.
Picture – Inserts an image into your spreadsheet from your Android device. Placed images can be modified using the resize and scale anchors.
Web Picture – Perform an online image search and instantly insert a picture into your spreadsheet (requires an Internet connection).
Camera – Allows you to insert an image using your devices' camera.
Video – Insert a video into your presentation.
Audio – Insert an audio recording into your presentation.
Shape – Inserts a predefined line or shape, which can be used as separators or text boxes.
Text – Adds a new text box to the slide, which can be modified using the resize and scale anchors.
Free Draw – Lets you draw custom line figures, which can appear over text and other presentation elements. Freehand draw pens can be customized from the Freehand Draw tab that appears when using the tool.

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