Slideshow tab in Slides

Slideshow tab in Slides Android

The Slideshow tab provides options for how the individual slides in your presentation behave.

Start Slideshow – Begins the slideshow from the beginning of the presentation.
Start From Current – Begins the slideshow from the current slide.
Advance Slides – Provides options to fine-tune how your presentation advances. The available options here are:
  • Using timings, if present – Uses any available transition timings.
  • Manually – Advancing through slides is done by the presenter.
  • Automatically – All slides will be visible for an equal time and advance automatically.
  • Loop – The presentation will start again from the beginning after the last slide advances.
Cast Presentation – Allows you to display the slideshow on Chromecast-compatible device, or start a Cast server, which can connect up to 10 other mobile devices running OfficeSuite on the same network.
  When casting or viewing a slideshow, tapping on the screen will reveal a number of options:
Cast icon – Displays the Access code, number of connected devices, and the connected network when running a Cast server, or the connected Chromecast device. To connect to a Casted presentation, select Join Presentation from the OfficeSuite settings menu.
Undo – Removes or reverts the most recent change.
Notes – Enters a note for the current slide (visible on your device only).
Pointer – Simulates a laser pointer on tap, useful for highlighting slides during a presentation (visible only when other displays are connected).
Delete – Removes a draw annotation by tapping on it.
Draw – Draws on the current slide.
Down arrow – Provides customizations to the draw pen.
Hide Slide – Using this feature will make the selected slide no longer be visible. You can always toggle it back to make it visible again.

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