Shape tab in Slides

Shape tab in Slides Android

The Shape tab allows you to adjust the visible order of your slide elements. The Shape tab will only appear when you have selected a shape, text box, or separator.

Done – Apply any changes made to the element.
Paste – Place cut or copied elements in your document. For further choice on what to paste and what not to you have the following options:
Keep Formatting – Keep any formatting present on the copied or cut content.
Text Only – Pastes only text with no formatting.
Cut – Cut elements from one location, and move them to another via paste.
Copy – Copy elements from one location to another via paste.
Shape Fill – Fills the current element with the selected color.
Line Color – Creates or edits the shape border color.
Line Style – Allows for the creation of dotted or dashed border lines.
Line Thickness – Lets you adjust border line thickness.
Opacity – Provides options to specify fill and border opacity.
Bring Forward – Brings the element one level forward, making it more visible.
Send Backward – Moves the element one level backward, making it less visible.
Group – Group several shapes in one selection.
Ungroup – Ungroups a selection of shapes.
Multi Selection – Toggles the multi-selection of shapes, which allows you to manipulate multiple shapes in a slide at once.
Delete – Deletes the currently selected shape(s).

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