Create and save a presentation to MobiDrive

Create and save a presentation to MobiDrive Android

Create a presentation
You can create a presentation - a blank one or a template - in one of the 3 ways below.

  • Open OfficeSuite. On Home, tap on the New presentation icon. 
  • In MobiDrive, tap on the + icon on the bottom right, choose Presentation.
  • Tap the Create document button in the sidebar menu.

To start from scratch, select Blank. Alternatively, select a template. Note that there are no templates other than those on the New Presentation window.

Save your presentation to MobiDrive
When you save your files to MobiDrive, you can share and collaborate with others, and get to your files from anywhere - on your computer, tablet, or phone.

1. On the File tab, swipe the toolbar to reveal more options, tap Save or Save As.
2. Choose your format and, if you have not already,
3. Sign in to your MobiSystems account. Tap Save.

Save your presentation elsewhere
1. Select File, tap Save or Save As.
2. In the top left, use the navigation button to select where you want it saved: MobiDrive, internal memory, SD card, third-party cloud account, or FTP.

Change path to Documents
Saving presentations to MobiDrive is a convenient option, but not the only one. You can change your default Documents folder from MobiDrive to your internal memory.

1. Tap Settings in the navigation drawer. 
2. Tap the My Documents folder setting. In the resulting navigation window,
3. Go to a folder in internal memory.
4. Tap OK.

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