Insert a picture in Slides

Insert a picture in Slides Android

Add a picture
1. Double-tap in the file to activate the tabs and switch to the Insert tab.

2. Tap Picture.

3. Select from the options:

  • Picture - for a picture on your device. Browse for the picture you want and select Insert.

  • Web Picture - for a picture that's on the web. Search for the picture you want to insert and select Insert

  • Camera Picture - for a picture you want to take with your camera-enabled device.

Manipulate pictures, shapes, or tables

  • To move a shape, select, then drag and drop it into position. 

  • To cut or delete a shape, select and tap on it. Tap Cut or Delete on the floating toolbar.  

  • To resize a picture, select it and drag a corner handle. 

Smart Guides

Smart guides appear to aid you in aligning and spacing objects you move around. On the View tab, toggle Smart Guides.

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