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Home tab on iOS

The Home tab is where you'll find tools for searching text and adjusting zoom levels, as well as converting to editable file formats.

Go to Page – Goes to the selected page in the PDF.
Find – Will search for instances of text entered in the Search field. Browsing between search results is done with the Back and Forth arrows. The  Gear icon provides options to:
  • Match Case such as capitalized or all lowercase letters.
  • Match Whole Words will filter out results that have the searched text as a part of a larger word.
View Mode – Toggles between single page (scrollable horizontally), continuous (scrollable vertically), and reflow view modes. Can also toggle Night Mode, which displays light text on a dark background for easier viewing at night.
Zoom – Provides a list of predefined values to which to zoom the view.
Convert to Word – Exports the PDF as a .DOC file to the folder you specify.
Convert to Excel – Exports the PDF as an .XLS file to the folder you specify.
Convert to ePub – Exports the PDF an .EPUB file to the folder you specify.

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