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Sign tab on Android

The Sign tab allows you to change document security, visualize and validate digital signatures, as well as certify, sign, or time-stamp the document.

Quick Sign – The Quick Sign tool is used to add virtual signatures to a PDF. Note that this is not equivalent to adding a digital signature. To add a digital signature, use the Sign tool.
Date – Lets you add the date as floating text on top of the PDF file. Note that this is not equivalent to adding a timestamp. To add a timestamp, use the Timestamp tool.
Free Text – The Free Text tool allows you to add free-floating text to a PDF. When used a popup menu will display that allows the following additional options:
Paste the text from the clipboard.
Properties provides options to change font color, style, size, weight, and alignment.
Delete the currently selected free text element.
Free Draw – Lets you draw custom line figures, which can appear over text and other document elements. Freehand draw pens can be customized from the Freehand Draw tab that appears when using the tool.
Certify – Allows you to add a digital certification to a PDF, in order to validate its authenticity.
Sign – The Sign tool lets you add a digital signature to a PDF.
Timestamp – Adding a timestamp allows you certify that you have viewed the PDF at a given time.
Profiles – Displays a list of predefined values for timestamps, certifications, and signatures that are saved as profiles. Profiles are useful as you do not have to repeatedly enter credentials multiple times.

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