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Review tab PDF on Android

The Review tab houses annotation tools for adding markup to your PDF files.

Each annotation features a popup menu that appears once you have placed it, providing you with any number of the following customizations:

Comment adds or changes a comment associated with the selected annotation.
Properties provides options to annotation properties, including color and font for text annotation, as well as line thickness and opacity for shape annotations.
Delete the currently selected annotation.
Cut an element to the Clipboard.
Copy an element from the Clipboard.
Paste an element from the Clipboard.

A wide range of annotations are available for your PDF files:

Note – Add notes to pages of a PDF file. Notes are identified by the Note icon and can be moved with a tap-and-hold gesture.
Text – The Free Text tool allows you to add free-floating text to a PDF.
Highlight – Adds highlighting to text within a PDF. Highlight options are provided under the Highlight tab, which appears after you have highlighted text.
Underline – Can be used to underline text within a PDF. Underline options are part of the Underline tab, which appears after you have underlined text.
Strikethrough – Adds a strikethrough effect to text within the PDF. Strikethrough customizations appear as part of the Strikethrough tab, which appears once you mark text for strikethrough.
Free Draw – Lets you draw custom line figures, which can appear over text and other document elements. Freehand draw pens can be customized from the Freehand Draw tab that appears when using the tool.
Line – The Line tool is used to add line indicators to a PDF, with customizable color, thickness, and line endings from the Line tab.
Rectangle – Used to overlay a rectangle onto PDF documents. Rectangle color, thickness, and opacity can be customized from the popup menu.
Ellipse – The Ellipse tool is used to overlay ellipses and circles into your PDF. You can adjust color, thickness, and opacity from the popup menu.
Attach File – Attach lets you embed a file into the PDF document, which will be displayed as a small thumbtack icon.
Picture – Add an image from your devices' storage as an annotation.
Web Picture – Add an image via Internet search as an annotation.
Camera – Add an image from your devices' camera as an annotation.

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