Subscription Journey - From Trial to Renewal

To start an OfficeSuite subscription through the MobiSystems website go to our Pricing page. You can choose between our Home & Family and Business plans, depending on your needs.

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To compare the features of the different plans scroll down the page to the Compare features section.

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Note: For the moment our Home & Family subscriptions are only available on a yearly basis, while our Business plans are only available on a monthly basis. The Home & Business plan is a lifetime subscription (one-time purchase).


How to Subscribe

Starting a Trial

We offer a 7 days free trial, so that you can test our product before commiting to a full time subscription. Before you start a trial, make sure you are signed in with your MobiSystems account.

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Once you are signed in and you have chosen your preferred plan, click on Start 7-day trial. You will be taken to the secure payment window. Enter your info and confirm by clicking Start Free Trial.

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Since this is a free trial you won't be charged at the time of "payment" and you won't be charged at all if you cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the 7 day period. You will see the exact dates when you go through the process yourself.

Once done, you will be taken to your MobiSystems account page where you can see a confirmation for your new trial.

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You can check all your active trials and subscriptions if you scroll down to the Subscriptions and Products section. There you can View the details of your trials and subscriptions and manage them.

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Subscribing to the Service

Three days before the end of your trial we will send you a reminder via email. If you decide to continue, your trial will automatically switch to a full time subscription on the 7th day of your trial and you will be charged. You will receive a confirmation email that your trial ended and you were charged.



Your subscription will be charged automatically every year/month (depending on your specific billing cycle) until cancelled.



If you cancel an already paid subscription, you'll still be able to use it until the end of the billing cycle. Once the billing cycle ends, the subscription will end and you won't be charged anymore.


Note: Have in mind that prices are displayed in your local currency. Additionally, the subscription journey may vary as per platform (Play Store, App Store, Amazon, Microsoft Store, etc.). The different stores may offer different billing cycles specific to that store (1 year, 1 month, 7 days, etc.).

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