Activation key

If you bought a new OfficeSuite scratch card, or you received an activation key when you bought OfficeSuite through an online or physical store, go to OfficeSuite Activate page and follow the on-screen prompts to activate your key.


How to activate your key

Begin by entering your 8 letter key into the designated boxes. Make sure you've selected the platform which you are going to use OfficeSuite on (Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android). Then click Submit.


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Once the key has been activated, initiate the installation process by clicking Download for PC.


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To complete the installation process, open the downloaded file (.exe file) and follow the instructions. Please note that instructions may vary depending on the device type.


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Once you've allowed the OfficeSuite app to make changes to your device (as part of installation) you will be prompted to select a language. Confirm by clicking Install.


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When the installation is complete, close the installation window, then click on any of the OfficeSuite modules to start working right away.


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Please note that this is a one-time process that adds your new product to your MobiSystems account.


procedure post key activation

Once the key has been activated there is no need to go through the activation process again, you can directly sign in to the OfficeSuite app with your MobiSystems account.

To do so open one of the app modules on your device and skip the sign up window. From the main menu find Account, then click on Sign in.


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Pick a way to sign in (Google account, Facebook, Apple or an email address). Make sure it's the same account which you associated your OfficeSuite license/subscription with. Confirm by clicking Continue.


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Please bear in mind that the sign in process may vary as per device type.

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