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The main calendar can be found at the center of the screen and is where the majority of event management takes place. A number of features are in place to make calendar management as quick and intuitive as possible. Below we've detailed some best practices to save you time:

  • Click on a cell in the calendar to quickly create a new event. This can be done by either clicking on the New Event button while the specific date of the calendar is marked, or by directly typing the name of the event into the cell. To select multiple dates use click and drag.
  • Click on a cell followed by the Delete button will delete any events on that date. Alternatively, this can be done with a right-click on the date and selecting the Delete option from the drop-down menu.
  • Double-click on a cell in the calendar to open the New event window. Alternatively, this can be done with a right-click and selecting the New event option.
  • Double-Click on an event to edit its details or right-click and select Open.
  • Events can be moved with a simple Drag & Drop. Moving an event will change its start date (in Month view) or start time (in Day view), while maintaining its duration and any additional details. Note that only one event can be moved at a time.
  • Hovering over the edges of an event will show arrows you can Resize it with. In Month view resizing events is done by moving the arrows Left/Right, while in Day view this is done with the Up/Down arrows. Only one event can be resized at a time.

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