Mini grid


The mini calendar, located in the bottom left side of the screen, provides an at a glance view of your schedules.

  • Dates containing events are marked with a dot under them.
  • Hovering over a date with an event will show a pop-up with the event's details.
  • A click in the mini calendar's Month view changes the period to display the clicked day.
  • double-click in the mini calendar's Month view switches to Day view and displays the double-clicked day.
  • Click on the period name directly above the mini calendar and it will zoom out the period from Month to Year > Decade > Century.
  • Click on a cell in the mini calendar to zoom in the period from Century to Decade > Year > Month.
  • Dragging the edges of the mini calendar up or to the right will resize the mini calendar so that it shows more months.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to the previous/next period of the same length.

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