Insert a chart in Sheets


Insert a chart in Sheets Windows

1. Open your Sheets file and click Insert.

2. Click Charts.

3. Click the type of chart you want to insert.

4. Customize your chart using the given options in Chart Editor.
*You can move and resize the chart using the dragging handles.


Insert a chart in Sheets Android

1. Open your Sheets file. Double-tap in the file to see the Tabs dropdown and select it.

2. Switch to the Insert tab.

3. Select Chart.

4. In the expandable bottom sheet, customize your chart with the available options.

6. Adjust the size and position of the inserted chart by dragging the resizing points.


Insert a chart in Sheets iOS

1. Open your Sheets file and tap the Tab dropdown.

2. Tap Insert.

3. Tap Chart.

4. Drag the resize handles to adjust the chart. Tap and hold to move the chart.

5. You can select a number of settings to customize your chart:

- Type
- Format
- Elements
- Chart Layouts
- Colors
- Chart Styles