• Not All-day events - Configure how many Minutes/Hours/Days before the start of the event will reminders start to appear.
  • All-day events - Configure how many Days/Weeks before the start of the event will reminders start to appear.
  • Reminder Window - Above we explained the logic behind setting up a reminder, here we're detailing what you see when a reminder activates.
    • The window appears when:
      • The time for an event's reminder comes.
      • On OfficeSuite Mail start up (if there are any non-dismissed alarms).
      • On changing an upcoming event with an alarm which has activated.
    • An alarm entry shows an event's Title, Start and End Date/Time and how much time remains until (or has passed since) the event's start time.
  • Alarms with the  icon are for passed events, while those with a  icon are for upcoming events.
  • Users can Snooze or Dismiss alarms one at a tap or all at once.
  • For recurrent events, alarms are shown only for the latest occurrence.

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