Recurrent events


  • Start on - Start date of the first occurrence.
  • Repeats - Fine tune when the event will be repeated, these are the available patterns of repetition:
    • Daily - Configure it so it repeats after a set number of days. For example, Every two days.
    • Weekly - Every (configure the number of weeks between occurrences), On (choose week days). For example, repeat Every 2 weeks or repeat On Fridays.
    • Monthly - Every (configure the number of months between occurrences), On: Day (on the same date), The 'th week day (on the same week day of month), The last week day (on the last week day of month). Below we've given examples to better understand the patterns.
      • Every two months.
      • On: Day 14. The event will repeat on the 14th day of the months selected for repetition.
      • The 'th Week Day. For example, The 4th Wednesday of the month.
      • The Last Week Day. For example, The Last Friday of the month.
    • Yearly - Every (five years, for example), On (the same date each year).
  • End on - In other words, start date of the last occurrence. Never (repeats forever), On a date (set the date of the last occurrence manually), After (select the number of occurrences for the event to repeat).

Note: When modifying aspects of an existing recurrent event you will have the option to choose whether you want the operation to be performed on a single occurrence or on all occurrences of the recurrent event. Change on a single occurrence makes it a recurrence exception. This means that the next time you try to modify it, you won't be asked whether to Open/Edit/Delete the whole recurrence. On the other hand, if you decide to apply the change to all recurrent events of the same group this will revert any previously created recurrence exceptions.

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