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The Hamburger icon at the top left side of the screen also holds some important options for managing your mail account. These include:


Provides basic information such as what account is currently active (as well as an option to add a different one), the holder's name, some basic server information and more.

OfficeSuite Account

Logging into your OfficeSuite Account allows you to make the most of your OfficeSuite experience and take advantage of many perks such as free cloud storage for documents on MobiDrive, as well as synchronizing of all your documents with OfficeSuite for Android. For logged in users an option titled Manage Account will be visible, clicking on it will redirect you to the OfficeSuite Now website where you can view and change your account details.


Closes the program altogether.


  • Update Options - Pick whether updates will be automatically installed once available, receive a notification when an update is available or never update at all.
  • Display Language - Choose the display language for the mail client.
  • System Integration - Check whether OfficeSuite Mail is your default program for receiving emails and if it isn't you can quickly set it as the default.
  • Shortcuts - Shows a list of available keyboard combinations for some of the most often used features of the mail client.

Contact Support

Redirects you to the OfficeSuite Now website, where you can contact our customer support team for any issues with the Mail client you may have.


Opens this help documentation.


Shows you the OfficeSuite version you're using.



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