Upload a spreadsheet to a cloud account


Upload a spreadsheet to a cloud account Android

Upload your spreadsheet to MobiDrive. 
1. Open OfficeSuite. On the MobiDrive tab, 
2. Tap the + button, tap Upload a file
3. Locate and select your file. Tap OK

'Save as' your spreadsheet to a third-party cloud service. 
1. Open your document. 
  • In Viewer mode , tap the menu in the top right, tap 'Save as'.
  • In Edit mode, on the 'File' tab from the drop-down menu in the top left, select 'Save as
2. Select the format. 
3. In the resulting navigation window, tap your cloud account or tap 'Add a cloud account'.

Upload multiple files to MobiDrive or a third-party cloud service. 
1. Locate your files with File Commander (e.g. Internal memory > Documents). 
2. Tap and hold on the selected file until the context menu appears. You can select multiple files.
3. Select 'Copy', 'Cut' or 'Move'.
4. Browse to your cloud account, tap 'Paste' (top of the screen) or
tap OK to confirm the transfer. 

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