How to analyze data from Pivot Tables


How to analyze data from Pivot Tables Windows

After you have created your Pivot Table, you will be able to analyze selected data from your source data worksheet.

1. How it works
Once you have created your Pivot Table, all of your source data headers will be listed as fields in Choose fields to add to report section in the Pivot Table Options panel.

(Pivot Table is inserted in a new sheet)

*Notice that the fields’ titles in Choose fields to add to report section will depend on the name of the headers in your source data range.

(Pivot Table is inserted in the same sheet)

2. To analyze data from one, two, or more fields, select and drag the chosen field(s) to one of the available areas. Options are:

Depending on your selection, Pivot Table will include and group information from the fields you have dragged to the areas.

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