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Viewer mode in Sheets Android

Existing Spreadsheet documents are automatically opened in Viewer mode. This mode lets you view spreadsheets with minimal interference from the interface. To enable editing, tap on the  Editor icon to enter Editor mode.

When in Viewer mode, to toggle the menu bar, tap anywhere in the document. You can browse by swiping in a given direction, and zoom in and out of the interface with a pinch gesture.

At the upper right corner of the screen you'll find options to share the document, these are detailed in our separate Sharing Options topic. The third icon on the top right will open the Contextual menu providing a wide range of options for viewing documents:

Save any changes made to the document in its current format.
Save as another file type for maximum compatibility.
Print the document using a networked printer.
Find instances of entered text. You can browse between results using the left and right arrows.
Export to PDF to quickly create a PDF file from your spreadsheet.
Protect the document using a custom password. Note that user-generated passwords are NOT recoverable if forgotten!
Gridlines toggles the display of cell gridlines in the document.
Freeze/Unfreeze toggles locking the upper leftmost row and/or column so that it is always displayed regardless of which part of the spreadsheet you are viewing.
Go to cell... takes you to a specific cell by entering in its coordinates (in the format ColumnLetter:RowNumber).
Zoom the view to different levels for easier viewing.
Charts displays any contained charts in full screen mode.
Manage versions allows you to view and work with previous versions of a specific file. This option is visible only on files that have been uploaded to your MobiDrive account.
Properties shows you detailed information about the specific file such as location, type, size, who has access and more.
Help opens this help documentation.

Along the bottom of the Spreadsheet editor you'll find the Summary bar, which allows you to switch between the sheets that are currently present in your document.

If you select more than one cell that contains a number, you will automatically see the Sum of the selected cells on the right of the Summary bar. Tapping here will also let you see the AverageCountMax, and Min of the selected cell range. If no numbered cell range is selected, you will see the  Expand/Collapse button, which toggles full screen viewing (in Viewer mode only).

In Editor mode (shown below), you can rearrange sheets by dragging them, and add new sheets using the  Add button. Tapping on an existing sheet lets you DeleteRename, and Hide/Unhide them. Finally, the  Quick keyboard lets you instantly add numbers and symbols to a selected cell.

To enable editing, tap on the  Editor icon to enter Editor mode.

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