Editor mode in Sheets


Editor mode in Sheets Android

New Spreadsheets are automatically created in Editor mode. This mode lets you immediately start creating and formatting your spreadsheets using the full range of OfficeSuite's editing features. To switch to Viewer mode, tap on the  Viewer icon in the upper right.

There are several options in the upper right which are visible across all tabs:

Save any changes made to the document.
Undo the most recent change made.
Redo the most recent undone change.

Up/Down arrow toggles visibility of the interface.

OfficeSuite's Spreadsheet Editor provides a tabbed interface with options similar to those found on desktop PC's. The tabs in the Spreadsheet Editor are File, HomeInsertFormatFormulasView and Review. An additional Chart tab will appear whenever you select a chart.

The Formula bar is always displayed under the function tabs, and allows you to add entries and formulas easily. More information on how formulas work can be found in the Formulas tab.

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