Selection Pop Up in Sheets


Selection Pop Up in Sheets iOS

OfficeSuite's Popup menu appears upon selecting more than one cell in a spreadsheet. It provides a range of quick access shortcuts:

  • Cut the selected data to the clipboard.
  • Copy the selected data to the clipboard.
  • Paste data from the clipboard into the selected cell or cell range.
  • Insert a new row or column.
  • Delete a row or column.
  • Fill reveals the autofill anchors, which can be used to autofill a dataset based on the data within the selected cells. For example, selecting two cells with 1 and 2 as their dataset will autofill ...3, 4, 5, 6... in the direction in which you drag the autofill anchors.
  • Clear removes a information from a selected cell range. This can be either formatting, contents, comments, hyperlinks, or all of the above.
  • Freeze locks the position above and to the left of the selected cells so that they are always visible when scrolling.
  • Turn Filters ON/OFF toggles filters for the selected cell range. For more on filters, see the Filter entry in the Home tab below.

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