Chart tab in Sheets


Chart tab in Sheets Android

The Chart tab will appear once you have selected a chart, or created one from the Insert tab.

Done – Closes the Chart tab and applies any changes made.
Open – Displays the chart in full screen view mode.
Edit chart – Opens the chart insertion dialog, which allows you to edit a chart with a range of chart options. The Type tab lists charts and chart subtypes, along with a 3D effect toggle. The Data tab allows you to add and name series and ranges, while the Style tab provides options to change chart colors. You can get a visualization of your chart before committing any changes using the Preview tab.


Chart tab in Sheets iOS

The Chart tab will appear once you have created and selected a chart (from the Insert tab).

Type – Changes the chart type from a list of predefined formats. Can be modified after the chart is initially created.
Format – Provides options for the customization of all chart elements:
  • Chart Title – Toggles the display of a chart title. Enabling this will reveal a Title entry.
  • Horizontal Labels – Allows you to enter labels for each data set, separated by commas. These labels can automatically be populated from the cell range that contains the data, if applicable.
  • Data Range – Displays the cell ranges that contain the chart data, and whether it is in rows or columns.
  • Legend Entries – Lets you modify the values which compose the chart data, separated by commas. These values can automatically be populated from the cell range that you select to create the chart.
Elements – Provides additional customization in the form of data cabels, gridlines and more.
Chart Layouts – Select a different layout for your chart.
Colors – Select the colour palette used in the chart.
Chart Styles – Presents several preset styles to change how the chart looks.
Switch Rows/Columns – Rotate data from columns to rows and vice versa.
Delete – Removes the chart from your spreadsheet.