Font section in Sheets


Font section in Sheets Windows

The Font section is where you'll find the standard range of tools for adjusting font sizes, colors, and styles; formatting options for individual cells and cell ranges; as well as border settings.

Calibri Font – Opens the font menu, which lists your available OfficeSuite fonts in their respective typeface.

Font Size – Adjusts font size from a list of predefined values or gives the option to enter manually the needed value.

Decrease Font – Decreases the currently selected text by one font point.
Increase Font – Increases the currently selected text by one font point.

Bold – Emboldens the selected text.

Italics – Italicizes the selected text.

Underline – Underlines the selected text.

Cell Border – Provides options for specifying cell borders on cells or cell ranges. The More borders... option provides additional border creation options.

Fill Color – Specifies the fill color of a cell or cell range.

Font Color – Specifies the text color of a cell or cell range.

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