Editing section in Sheets


Editing section in Sheets Windows

The Editing section contains search and navigation options, as well as the ability to filter and sort your data.

Auto Sum – Performs quick calculations of the numbers in a selected cell range and displays the result in the cell directly below them. Using this with only one cell selected will perform the operation only on the cell directly above:
  • Sum – Provides the sum accrued by adding all the numbers in the data set.
  • Average – Provides an average of all the numbers in the data set.
  • Count – Provides a count of all the cells that contain data.
  • Max – Provides the maximum value of the data set.
  • Min – Provides the minimum value of the data set.
  • Median – Provides the median, or "middle value," of the data set.
Clear – Quickly clears formatting, contents, and/or hyperlinks from your spreadsheet:
Clear All – Clears the selected cell(s) completely.
Clear Formats – Clears any formatting applied to the selected cell(s).
Clear Contents – Clears the contents of the selected cell(s), retaining formatting.
Clear Hyperlinks – Clears any hyperlinks in the selected cell(s).
Sort & Filter – Provides options to sort cell data based on predefined criteria, alongside filter options to display specific entries:
Sort A to Z – Sorts cells alphabetically. Numerical data will be sorted in ascending order.
Sort Z to A – Sorts cells reverse alphabetically. Numerical data will be sorted in descending order.
Custom Sort... – Opens the sort dialog, allowing you to sort data using custom criteria.
Filter – A great way for managing large amounts of data, Filter manipulates entire cell ranges to display specific entries. Once you apply a filter to a cell range, press the  Down arrow that appears in the cell range to display the Filter dialog.
Find & Replace – Searches for instances of text entered in the Search field, and will replace them with text entered in the Replace field:
  • Match case – Will search for exact cases such as capitalized or all lowercase letters.
  • Match entire cell  – Will filter out results that have the searched text as a part of a larger cell entry.
  • Look in: – Will search either through cell values, formulas, or comments.

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