Text to speech in PDF (Android)

Use Text-to-speech to have text in the language of the document read aload. You can use Google's and Samsung text-to-speech engine. 

Initiate text-to-speech

  1. On the Home tab, swipe the toolbar to reveal more options.
  2. Select the text you want to have read aloud either manually,
    or the adjacent Select All.
  3. Tap the Text to Speech button to initiate text-to-speech, or
    tap the down-pointing arrow for the language list. Swipe to the bottom, tap More options.
  4. In the resulting window in device Settings, select your prefered engine and language.

Set the right language 

If you are having trouble with Text-to-speech reading your text in the wrong language, 

  1. Go to device Settings, System, Languages & input.
  2. Tap Advanced, tap Text-to-speech output. 
  3. Tap your TTS engine, tap your language.
    Optionally, download the language pack to your device. Adjust Speech rate, Pitch, Intonation.

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