Editor mode in Slides


Editor mode in Slides Android

OfficeSuite's Presentation Editor provides a tabbed interface with options similar to those found on desktop PC's. The tabs in the Presentation Editor are FileHomeInsertFormatView, and Slideshow. Additional ShapeTable and Freehand Drawing tabs will appear whenever you select an image, table, or use the Freehand Draw tool, respectively.

When viewed in landscape orientation, a Thumbnails list along the left edge of the screen will display a vertically-scrollable list of all the slides in the presentation. You can drag-and-drop individual slides to rearrange their order in the presentation.

The topmost menu of the Presentation Editor provides several options:

Save any changes made to the presentation.
Undo the most recent change made.
Repeat Action will automatically redo the most recent action taken in Slides.
Enable Viewer mode.

Up/Down arrow toggles visibility of the interface.

To enable editing, tap on the  Editor icon to enter Editor mode.


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