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File tab in Slides Android

The File tab houses all of the file management capabilities of the Presentation Editor. From here you can create, open, and save PowerPoint documents, as well as setup page layouts, print, and more.

New – Creates a new blank presentation.
Templates – Allows you to create a new file using one of OfficeSuite's provided templates.
Open – Exits the current module, allowing you to open a new file.
Open Recent – Displays a list of recently-opened files for quick access.
Save – Saves any changes you have made to the presentation.
Save As – Allows you to save the presentation with a new name and/or file type.
Export to PDF – Quickly converts your presentation to a PDF file.
Print – Opens the Print dialog, which displays a thumbnail view of pages for printing. You can select a connected printer by tapping on its name in the upper left. To print, tap on the  Printer icon in the upper right.
  Pages can be toggled with the Checkbox on the bottom right, while advanced print options are displayed by tapping on the bar across the top. From here, you can specify the number of copies to print, paper size, and orientation, among others.
Share – Allows you to share the document with others.
Protect – Allows you to restrict access to the spreadsheet with a custom password. Please note that user passwords are not recoverable in OfficeSuite.
Manage versions – Allows you to view and work with previous versions of a specific file. This option is visible only on files that have been uploaded to your MobiDrive account.
Help – Displays the Spreadsheet Editor help within this help documentation.


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